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Hello All, This is my first post, so please be gentle! I recently went through the ACN recruitment process as an experienced hire and got an offer. I thought I'd post some details about the case study as I couldn't find much info on the internet when I was researching it myself. I have found that they haven't
Application. I applied online. I interviewed at Accenture. Interview. I attended the video interview 10 days after submitting the application. It was a long interview with competency questions and a short case study. I only got one chance to record the answer. Interview Questions. Introduce yourself. Answer Question; Why
Application. I applied through college or university. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at Accenture (Washington, DC (US)) in October 2016. Interview. On college campus interview. First round behavioral. Second round was the case study. From there if you got past the first round, you got asked back for a case study
I interviewed at Accenture (London, England). Interview. Very straightforward and exactly the same questions as the ones I found on Glassdoor when preparing. The only challenging part was the case study. There are three questions for the case study, but for the first question, you only get to see the data provided for 1 min.
Consulting giant Accenture has developed a workplace strategy called "Workplace 2.0," which they piloted ...
Conducted by a member of our recruiting team in person or over the phone, this is a chance for us to see how ...
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Consulting Firm: Accenture 2nd round full time job interview. Industry Coverage: retail. Case Interview Question #01234: Our client Cartier's Superfoods Ltd is a chain of supermarkets and grocery food stores based in the London metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. The first Cartier's food stores were small local grocers

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